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Tips From A Fashion & Designer Eyeglasses Expert: What To Bring For A Company Outing Trip

If your company has an annual outing trip, you may wish to consider some of these items to bring along for your fun, comfort, and style.

Lawn Chairs

Always bring along your lawn chairs so that you’ll have a comfortable chair. Even if they have chairs, you won’t always be able to get one if someone extra shows up. So bring your own and relax knowing that you’ll always have a comfortable chair to sit in. No one else will take it, and if they do, you can politely excuse yourself and tell them that it’s your chair.

Lawn Darts

Lawn darts are always fun to play. Bring your own along, and you can enjoy some lawn darts with your co workers. You can even create other games or versions of the game to play with them. It will be something to pass the time.


Everyone loves horseshoes so if you have a few laying around take those along and set up a horseshoe game. Kids young and old will enjoy the game, and it will be a lot of fun for everyone to be up and moving.

Comfortable Clothing

Be sure that you’re dressed appropriately. Wear good walking or hiking shoes. You may be required to do a bit of walking. A nice tee shirt and capris or walking shorts are ideal for summer and long pants for cooler weather. Outdoor games might be one thing that is planned throughout the day and it would be great to have clothes where you can move easier and faster. Here is a quick video that shows an example of fun outing games:

Light Sweater

Bring along a sweater or light jacket in case the weather changes. You never know when the weather will change, especially if you’re out in the woods or camping.You’ll appreciate having a sweatshirt or sweater along to help keep you warm if it cools down.

Bug Spray

Don’t let pesky bugs bother you take along some bug spray and use it as needed. You’ll appreciate not being all bit up by the mosquitos.Remember to be considerate of others and not overspray onto them unless they want bug spray.


Just as the bug spray is a must have, so is sun screen. Take it along and use it as needed if you are out in the sun.You’ll appreciate not having a sunburn when you’re out with your company and co workers. It is also as important to make sure that you protect your eyes together with your skin. If stylish is what you are going for, Lunor sunglasses can fit in your outfit for a more sophisticated look.

Healthy Snacks

While there is typically food at such events, you may wish to bring your own along. Consider some healthy snacks, or if it’s a potluck find some tasty dishes that you’ll enjoy sharing.Who knows, the rest of your co workers may just put you in charge of the food next year.


Bring your camera, you’re making memories, and you may wish to take a few fun pictures. You can offer to do up a newsletter for the group and put in a few of the great photos that you take.Your company outing is a time to learn more about one another and become more of a team so bring along your right attitude and some of the items mentioned above, and you’re sure to have a very good time.

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